06 Jul, 2017

Mountaineering Expedition in Bolivia: Huayna Potosi 6088 mt, Illimani 6439 mt. From 02 to 21 september

Mountaineering Expedition: Pequeno Alpamayo 5370 mt, Huayna Potosi 6088 mt, Illimani 6439 mt. (Bolivia)

places availables from 02 to 21 september. This expedition in the Cordillera Real, the Royal Range, offers some of the finest mountaineering objectives for all climbers looking at the Andes of South America

Guided ascents of Pequeno Alpamayo, Huayna Potosi, and Illimani offer particpants to experience three different areas in the range, with some creature comforts in La Paz thrown into the mix between climbs.

Additional information.

– Spend more nights in a mountain tent allowing a good journey to be made and early start to complete a long tour.
– Are technically straightforward mountain, but one which requires stamina and determination to cope with long arduous days.
– Emergency rescue facilities in the mountains are very limited and you need to be able to deal with demanding conditions and basic facilities.

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