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Mont Blanc Mountain Guide

Mont Blanc Mountain Guide was set up to teach and encourage the enjoyment of the mountains.
In fact our aim is to ensure that you acquire correct technical skills in the various mountain sports.
Our professional staff, all IFMGA Mountain Guides and members of the Società Guide Alpine Courmayeur, will follow your progress closely in a gradual and adequate manner, according to your personal aspirations and interests.
Come and discover sheer joy and fun in the mountains together with our professional guides who will be, first and foremost, your friends.


Ours Mountain Guides


Edy Grange

Founder and coordinator of the Mont Blanc Mountain Guide and Andes Experience. Born in 1966, Aspirant Mountain Guide from 1986 and Mountain Guide (I.F.M.G.A.) from 1989. In 1988 he joined the Mountain Guides Courmayeur Company, which was founded in 1850 is the first company of guides founded in Italy and second in the world, from 1995 to 2001, in the same company, covers the role of chef Guide with main function of coordinating the work, promotion and sale of the product mountain. From 1986 works in the Mountian Rescue Team in Aosta Valley. From 2000 is Mountain Rescue Instructor. Mountain Guides working for all year practicing mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing off-piste, ski touring, snowshoeing, etc. In 22 years of Mountain Guide has climbed with its clients many classic routes in the Alps, of mixed, ice and rock; with de same clients from 2002 has climbed the mountains of South America (Aconcagua in Argentina, Cordillera Blanca in Peru, trekking in Torres del Paine in Chile and Fitz Roy in Argentina, the slopes of Alpamayo Pequeno, Sajama, Huayna Potosi, in Illimani Bolivia, Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo in Ecuador). Each year, continues to travel the Andes with clients and friends for discover new mountains to satisfy the desire of mountaineering.

Other Mountain Guides

All of our guides are members of the I.F.M.G.A. “International Federation Mountain Guide Association ”, most being members of the Guides association of Courmayeur (Mont Blanc). Founded in 1850 is the oldest Mountain guides society in Italy and second oldest in the world.For generations our guides have worked hard to make the Guides Society what it is today: a focal point for all those with a passion for the mountains.

Our guides continue the great traditions set over the past 150 years historic names such as, Emile Rey, Arturo Ottoz, the Ollier brothers, Bonatti, Zappelli all of whome opened some of the most classic routes on the Mont Blanc chain and who founded the Courmayeur Guides Association.