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Day 0 Arrival

Travel to Courmayeur, to arrive in time for the Evening Briefing.

Your guide will run through safety routines and kit checks, as well as hand out rental equipment for the week, before we go on to a detailed discussion of everyones ambitions for the week, together with the current weather and mountain conditions and how these affect our planning. We’ll also have maps and guidebooks to show you, so if you’ve any further questions or last minute requests, then this is the ideal time to bring them up before we head on to dinner.

Day 1

9.00am – 4.00pm: Discover the Off-Piste Ski in Courmayeur Ski Area

We start with some warm up runs, so you can find your ski legs and we can take a look at your current skiing, then move into coaching and improving on a variety of core ski techniques.
We’ll choose terrain appropriate to the level of the group, so that nobody struggles and everyone has the time to practice, ask questions and work on their skills. Some time will be spent to learn to use avalanche transceivers
During the day we’ll pause for the odd coffee break and at lunchtime.

Day 2 – Day 4

9.00am – 4.00pm: 3 further days of off piste skiing and intro ski tours.

The days incorporate daily ski technique coaching and backcountry skills sessions. We tailor each week to the group, making best use of current weather and snow conditions – ski venues are approximately 10 minutes to 1 hours drive from your hotel.

The fourth day concludes the programs

Day 5

Return home.

After a night of well-deserved rest, departure from Courmayeur for your destination.