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A big snow climb through some heavily crevassed terrain, Aphubel is a straightforward ascent in good conditions. Later in the season, the glacier can sometimes become impassable.

PD+ 1000 m 6-7 hrs

Making an early start from the Langflue Hotel, the standard East Flank route weaves it’s way up through crevasse zones to the upper bowl, where the going gets a little easier until the final slopes below the summit. Here the ground steepens again, but there is invariably a good trail leading up onto the summit plateau and great views across to the Weisshorn, Matterhorn and Zinalrothorn. The other main line of ascent is via the SE Ridge from either the Allalin Metro or the Tasch Hut. The main difficulty here is the Eisnase, which – as the name implies – can be icy once the route has dried out due to hot weather.