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A great day out, traversing one of the best granite ridge crests in the range. The route isn’t overly long, making it ideal for a shorter day, or practicing leading on some varied alpine terrain.

AD 500 m 4-5 hrs

The route is best approached from the Hellbronner lift on the Italian side of the range, or the Torino Hut which is adjacent to the cable car. Either way, an hours walk leads to Col D’Entreves and the start of the climb. The ridge is easy at first, with plenty of scrambling and great views of Mont Blanc behind and the distant Monta Rosa massif ahead. After the first tower however, it narrows to a spectacular knife edge which leads up to the summit. The holds and protection along here are good, but don’t look down too much if you get nervous! From the summit, the first section of descent usually involves an abseil or two, before the difficulties ease. There’s still some route finding and trickier bits however, till the glacier is reached at the far end of the traverse.